The FIGT Communications Committee is responsible for developing and executing overall marketing and external communication strategy for FIGT. This includes managing social media, print and online marketing campaigns, the FIGT blog, newsletter and website.

Within the FIGT Communications Committee, the Communications Chair is responsible for creation, collation, collaborating, editing and/or oversight of all external and internal communications. The chair also manages the committee members.


The FIGT Program Committee manages the FIGT annual conference program. This includes reviewing proposals, participating in the selection process, recruiting speakers, and managing the preparation and execution of some pre-conference and event activities.

Within the FIGT Program Committee, the Program Chair serves as the main liaison with the annual conference speakers, the FIGT Board, and Program committee members to ensure a seamless annual conference. Finally, he/she leads all post-conference evaluation activities.


The FIGT Logistics Committee seeks input and coordinates with the FIGT Board to gain approval for logistical considerations for the annual conference.

Within the FIGT Logistics Committee, the Logistics Chair coordinates the development of the pre-approved conference budget with the FIGT Treasurer, and works directly with the FIGT Board, Committees, and Event Planner to ensure all logistical actions are carried out.


The FIGT Nominations Committee identifies, screens, and proposes individuals to the FIGT Board to serve within FIGT, including board members, committee members, and other volunteers.

Within the FIGT Nominations Committee, the Nominations Chair manages the recruitment, screening, proposal process, and voting,  in compliance with the FIGT Bylaws, and works closely with the FIGT President on Board hiring,  development, and transition.


The FIGT Scholarship Committee identifies candidates for FIGT annual conference scholarships, selects and communicates with scholarship awardees. Together with the Treasurer, they determine and coordinate this disbursement of scholarship funds based upon number of scholarship recipients. They recruit and confirm raffle donors and coordinate with other scholarship fund-generating entities to support the Scholarship Fund. They also run the raffle at the annual conference.

Within the FIGT Scholarship Committee, the Scholarship Chair manages the selection of scholarship awardees, communicates with raffle donors, manages scholarship recipients’ participation in selling raffle tickets, and coordinate with other conference entities (eg Bookstore) that support the Scholarship Fund.


The FIGT Finance Committee develops a sustainable multi-year financial plan for FIGT aligned with the organization's mission, vision and goals. They assist FIGT committees with establishing strategies and benchmarks aligned with the financial plan.

Within the FIGT Finance Committee, the Finance Chair (who also serves as the Treasurer) ensures the financial plan is aligned with FIGT’s mission, vision, and goals in cooperation with the Finance Committee, Administrators and Accountant. They prepare FIGT’s annual operating budget and oversee expenses and incomes.


The FIGT Sponsorship Committee identifies and builds relationships with strategic partners and sponsors that are aligned with the vision and mission of FIGT, both at the annual conference and throughout the year. They confirm sponsors to meet fundraising goals in support of the FIGT annual conference, and communicate directly with sponsors regarding the benefits of their sponsorship package.

Within the FIGT Sponsorship Committee, the Sponsorship Chair is primarily responsible for identifying, screening, and selecting strategic partners and sponsors aligned with the vision and mission of FIGT, and ensuring that fundraising goals are met. They maintain relationships over the course of the year and develop new/best practices to sustain and recruit sponsorship at the affiliate level.


The FIGT Membership Committee maximizes the growth of FIGT’s membership program, develop FIGT networks and review and update member benefits on a periodic basis. They review membership data and trends and conduct outreach efforts to grow FIGT’s membership base. They are also responsible for the development of content for and the successful execution of the year-round webinar series.

Within the FIGT Membership Committee, the Membership Chair manages the review and promotion of member privileges and outreach efforts to grow FIGT’s membership base.

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