Matilda Criel
Scholarship Director

Matilda Criel is an adult TCK and is currently working toward her doctorate in clinical psychology. Her dissertation research focuses on what aspects of the TCK experience might predict healthy and/or unhealthy coping. She was awarded the David C Pollock Scholarship and presented her research at the FIGT 2019 Bangkok Conference, which inspired her to contribute further to the FIGT community. As a clinical psychology student, Matilda has been exposed to numerous types of psychological treatment settings and quickly noticed the lack of awareness around the global nomad lifestyle and its effects. Subsequently, Matilda has presented at universities in the Southern California area to attempt to create further understanding for the clinical implications of the ATCK/TCK population. Currently, Matilda is working as a clinician at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and at the Harbor UCLA Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program. She wants to incorporate a greater international aspect to her work by being a part of the FIGT community. Her goal is to empower the FIGT community by bringing new, valuable voices to the conversation. Matilda hopes to create a safe space for David C Pollock scholars to explore their own identities and voices in a cross-sectional, multicultural, and intersectional environment that is FIGT.

Matilda has served on the FIGT Board since October 2019. Contact her at

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