Petra Shellis
Communications Co-Director

Petra is highly multi skilled; she has communications, media and creative background. In her media career, she has won a couple of awards in visual communication and worked as a journalist for SBS radio in Sydney, AU, where she broadcasted stories bilingually in Czech and English Language.

As a Director of CPRO INVESTMENTS PTY LTD, she was a joint owner of a business, in charge of branding, promotion, networking and developing marketing strategies of joint ventures.

She spent two years in Chongqing China, where she was on the Board of an NGO. The CQIWG's mission was to contribute to improving the lives of the underprivileged in Chongqing, China, with a particular focus on children in rural CQ in Qijiang. In addition to supporting financial accountability, she raised funds, provided training for volunteers, worked towards charity events and promoted the work of IWG with high profile stakeholders and top 500 companies. She has participated in Cultural Salon discussions and Global Village celebrations. She has been awarded a Commemorative Gold Coin for improving the relationships between foreigners and Chinese living in Chongqing, China.

Currently, she is a member of GLOW, a global organisation/platform for women to network, collaborate and develop their professional and personal skills by engaging with international and local communities in India. 

Petra Shellis was born in the Czech Republic, her passion for travel and cross-cultural experience took her to Germany, China, India, and now she resides in Australia.

While living abroad, she developed a global mindset, and her ability to culturally assimilate has successfully helped her integrations. Her multilingual communications skills set her apart from others; she speaks English, Czech, Russian and has elementary knowledge of Mandarin and German.

Petra has served on the FIGT Board since October 2020. Contact her at

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