Sponsoring means partnering with FIGT, and demonstrates your organization’s involvement with, commitment to, and investment in our mission, membership and broader worldwide community, and ours in yours. Being featured at our annual conference - and year round - provides an excellent opportunity for face-to-face exposure with conference attendees: meeting, sharing information with, and gaining insights from key thought leaders, potential clients, and others like you who share a genuine interest in supporting those in global transition. Our sponsors know when they've found the right fit, and we do, too. Come join us!  


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At Patterson Partners and Crossborder Living, we believe that today, more than ever, we can consciously design a lifestyle in which we live, work, play, and make a difference anywhere in the world, just because we want to. Together, we empower the internationally mobile, professionals, entrepreneurs, and their families. Crossborder Living, our not-for profit organization, supplies information, tools, and training to cut through tax, legal, structural and relationship complexity while Patterson Partners Ltd., our financial advisory firm, supports those who need more guidance to make the most of opportunities and build a solid course of action, so that they can thrive both today and tomorrow.


American Psychologist.nl

The future is here! We now provide full “global assessment” — meaning, comprehensive psychological and educational assessments via VOIP / Internet / Virtual Reality platforms. We’ve worked on this test protocol framework for over 5 years, and have achieved the level of professionalism endorsed by accreditation bodies including the EU, US, UK, and Canada (among others). Ethically, complete psycho-educational testing is the one way to work with individuals and their families for obvious reasons: You’re never sure what you’re teaching / coaching / counseling until you have a fuller understanding of their needs, and this is our reason for bringing global testing and treatment planning to the forefront of the American Psychologist — to collaborate with you, educators, practitioners, and advocates for expats around the globe, a global service of testing and treatment planning.

Do visit our website AmericanPsychologist.NL. We invite you to join our family based services network!    


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