Momentum: Moving forward together

We have been through Change and Transition: as FIGT; as a result of the pandemic and, as always, through our global mobility. What have we learned from this? What can we learn from each other? What can we share?

These will be the questions we hope to explore, learn from, hear about and discuss during our 2024 Forum. Would you like to contribute to the discussions? Do you have an experience or theory to explore; a practice to highlight, perhaps some research to share? The FIGT call for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) is formally open, and we look forward to receiving RFPs for the 2024 FIGT Forum by close of business on 12 November 2023. Details of what we are looking for, and expect to receive, can be read here.

New title

For those familiar with FIGT you will have noticed we have a change in the title of our global community gathering. For many years, in the US, the Netherlands and Bangkok, FIGT has held annual conferences. Three day, in-person events which brought people together to share thoughts, experiences, research and more. Covid brought a new reality, and, in truth, upon reflection of the online Conferences FIGT managed over the last few years, capturing the full range of experiences from this in-person event, online, has proven challenging. Furthermore, the Covid period has also encouraged a series of regular online events – across the globe – which FIGT did not have before. With what we may have lost, we have also gained.

The current FIGT Board is committed to creating a space for our global community to gather, exchange, learn from and discuss. Doing so in a manner though, which respects the volunteer time and efforts of planning, and attending. As a result, for our global, online event moving forward, we have opted for the word Forum – to reflect something different to what it was, and respectful of all our time, and efforts. Being online certainly expands our community, ensuring greater accessibility, which we want to pursue, without creating expectations from those who have attended previous events, nor excluding the possibility of future in-person events at a similar scale.

So, for 2024, a Forum is being created. Where we gather, connect as best we can and exchange knowledge and ideas in a format more easily manageable for our teams.

More in store
There are other changes in store, so  stay posted via our newsletter. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to contact our Program Director, Deborah Valentine, via

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