FIGT Rio Affiliate

Year Established: 2017
Type: Geographical
Gathering: In-person
Language: English

FIGT Rio was created as an initiative resulting from Marielle de Spa's participation to FIGT's 2016 conference, and following interest in creating more awareness about FIGT among the expat & international community in Rio de Janeiro. Andrea Saade, a Brazilian national with extensive international exposure enthusiastically joined her project to create and promote FIGT's first South American affiliate.


  • Regular theme-related events and seminars targeting multicultural families as well as the ATCK/TCK community currently based in Rio de Janeiro
  • Discussion and brainstorming sessions as well as informal social gatherings to promote the exchange between affiliate members
  • Forums aiming at cross-sharing useful resources and the FIGT's knowledge-base with local affiliate members


The mission of FIGT Rio is to:

  • promote FIGT across the South American region
  • raise awareness about shared concerns related to global transitions
  • address TCK issues and bring resources to globally mobile families currently based in Rio
  • facilitate communication locally between individuals facing cross cultural concerns
  • continue the work of FIGT beyond its annual conference by meeting locally to support and educate professionals who work to improve the lives of families in global transition.


Andrea Saade comes from a truly multicultural environment. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro from a Lebanese family and background, she has always been exposed to a multicultural environment. She studied in Switzerland and moved to several countries including, Mexico, Switzerland, France, UK and the Middle East. Andrea graduated in 2001 from the Lausanne Hotel School and she has always been interested by global travel and discovering new cultures. Her research project focused on the impact of a multicultural environment in the hotel business, where people are constantly in contact with different cultures (either guests or colleagues). Currently living in Rio, she would like to bring her personal experiences to the benefit of the new expat families.

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