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Who would have thought that a discussion around Ruth Van Reken’s kitchen table would grow into a volunteer run organization and a 20-year legacy of international conferences that has touched so many lives?

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Celebrating Twenty Years! Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We Want to Go

To be presented by: Ruth Van Reken at the 2018 Conference

Twenty years ago four women gathered for coffee around a kitchen table in Indianapolis, IN. Although they came from diverse backgrounds, all had raised globally mobile families. Initially, the conversation focused on wondering why local teachers or counselors working with their families often seemed oblivious to the dynamics created by global transitions. But then a different kind of wondering started. “Instead of complaining about ‘them,’ what about ‘us’? Can we do something to change this?”

With that question, the seed that became FIGT took root. This seed has since been watered, fertilized, pruned, and lovingly tended by countless others to make it the beautiful tree it is today. FIGT has become a community of people from many sectors, countries, languages, ethnicities, and religions who support one another by normalizing and giving language to the experience. And, indeed, it has also become a welcoming forum for those who work with this community--Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Writers, and Coaches who come to share the journey with those they serve. Today we celebrate the past and present while looking forward to all the future brings.

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