Welcome to the FIGT’s Public Directory. Here, you will find our members who are either small businesses, non-profit organisations, are from international schools or work with an organization, corporate entity. They are all over the world, and you are invited to search for and connect with a member, possible resource, or local contact. Their profiles will share a little about them, their websites and a few key words to describe what they do, as well as provide you with an opportunity to contact them directly.

Want to be a part of FIGT’s Public Directory - and support the organization as well as global families? You can read more about that here. Are you an individual who would like access to even more resources? We also have an accessible Individual Membership plan, including an attractive rate for students.

Besides the members mentioned below who may be a resource you need, are looking for, FIGT also has several Affiliates around the world which organise local events. Be sure to check and see if there is one near you.

FIGT Membership is a commitment to supporting FIGT and extending our community. FIGT does not endorse Member-owned businesses, products/services they offer. FIGT is not responsible for the conduct of its Members and their expressed views. If you are seeking specific services or support, we encourage you to research and investigate thoroughly to find the supplier that is right for you.

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