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Within the immediate, as well as broader community of Families in Global Transition there is a wealth of resources. From our Members providing services to the books written by or recommended by our Members. The list is extensive. Many resources are available free of charge, and can be explored in the pages which follow. We encourage you to explore, reach out and see what support is available to you as you embark upon, or continue your journey crossing borders and cultures.

Of course, our Annual Conferences have also provided a wealth of material which inspires, engages and helps continue the conversation. And, in a growing number of cities in the world, our Affiliates provide local opportunities to connect with locally based like minded global nomads.

Public Member Directory - FIGT members, small businesses, non-profits, organizations and international schools supporting global transition.

Online Bookstore - a varied selection of books written or recommended by our members. Purchasing through our website is another way of supporting FIGT. Price is the same, but we in turn receive a contribution.

Newsletter - our monthly newsletter provides updates on what is in store, what members are sharing, which webinars are coming up, where Affiliates are planning events and more.

News from our Members - just that, news from our community.

Blog - a showcase of FIGT Members' written work, focusing on the issues we study, the best practices we share and the strategies we provide to support expatriates and cross cultural individuals and their families.

Resource Center - and overview of all within the FIGT compendium of resources.

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