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Watch our interview with Danau Tanu here. 

Ezinne Okoro

Beyond Representation: The First but Not the Last

Friday, March 12, 23:05 UTC

Ezinne is an inclusive leader, change agent, thought partner, and corporate executive. Her life’s mission is to lead with excellence, drive innovative results, champion for progressive change, and utilize her space to advocate for those that feel unseen. With a global lens, she currently leads global advertising agency, Wunderman Thompson, in building diverse workspaces that are inclusive and equitable. As their Global Chief Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Officer, her contributions extend across their 90 markets and brand partners. Ezinne’s diverse portfolio and life experiences, provide her with the expertise to manage different cultures and business initiatives.

As global citizens of the world, we can often find ourselves in the bliss of discovery as we transition from location to location. However, there are moments where we are lost in finding your own personal identities and communities. Join Ezinne Okoro, as she shares her experience of taking the lead to advocate for representation in global corporations, while still navigating her own journey towards the responsibility of representing a race, gender, culture and more. 

Watch our interview with Ezinne Okoro here.

Ragil Ratnam

Outsiderness and Empathy as tools for bridging differences

Saturday, March 13, 14:05 UTC

Ragil Ratnam is a Strategic Leadership Advisor and Executive Coach based in Bangkok. He has more than 25 years of global, multicultural corporate and academic experience on 4 continents. He runs an independent Leadership Advisory Practice and is an Orchestrator with Duke Corporate Education. Through Coaching, Leadership Development, and Strategy Facilitation, he has helped clients in a range of industries including Banking, Technology, and Manufacturing as well as Public Sector organisations such as UNICEF and the World Bank Group.

He is a qualified Clinical Psychologist with additional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and a variety of assessment tools. His corporate experience includes successfully leading functional HR departments including Recruitment, Learning and Development, and Talent Management. With this background and using his personal experiences living and working in multiple cultures, he has developed tools and processes based on Empathy and Sense-making, that help leaders guide their organizations through digital transformation allowing them to survive and thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Born in Sri Lanka, Ragil grew up in Zambia and is now a South African citizen. In his career he has lived in the US, the UK, Singapore and now based in Thailand, working across Asia including recent and current projects in in Bhutan, Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Watch our interview with Ragil Ratnam here.

Danau Tanu

It’s a Two-Way Street

Sunday, March 14, 05:05 UTC

Danau Tanu, PhD, is author of Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International School, the first book on structural racism in international schools. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Social Sciences at the University of Western Australia and a Visiting Research Fellow at Waseda University, Japan. Danau’s research is driven by a desire to uncover the hidden voices among third culture kids while trying to understand her own experiences of being a TCK of mixed Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese heritage. www.danautanu.com

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