Warm Welcome to Incoming Scholarship Director, Adam Geller

03 Oct 2021 3:05 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

The FIGT community welcomes new members to its Board, beginning October 1st. In this post, incoming Scholarship Director Adam Geller answers a few questions about himself and the important role of Pollock Scholars. 

Can you please briefly describe your FIGT role?

I choose the Pollock Scholars for our Conference and get to listen to all the amazing stories they have to share! We shepherd them through a productive year with FIGT. That way, they can make the best use of our platform, and we can really get to know them. Throughout the year, I support the scholars as they integrate with FIGT and become part of our community.

What inspired you to stand for office?

I wanted to stand for this role because I am very confident in FIGT as an awesome force for connection, unity, and friendship in a discombobulated age. I am grateful for what Mr. Pollock and FIGT gave me. I'm sure many readers share this feeling. We have words to describe unbelievable experiences. We have friends to share them with. We have drawn from a deep and refreshing well of benefit-of-the-doubt. I'm here because of the Pollock Scholarship, so it's only right to do a bit in return.

What’s your favourite thing about being a part of FIGT?

My favourite thing about FIGT is that I can use both spellings of "favorite" without raising eyebrows.

Random piece of info about yourself?

My hairstyle is neither a fashion choice nor a cultural statement. It is the sad result of over-exposure to musical instruments. Happily, I save enough on barbershop visits to make up for it. 

Any wisdom you can share with other FIGT members, or globally mobile people in general?  

Nobody has a very good idea of where they are or what happens next. Travelers are distinct only because we are made aware of this more often.

Any thoughts to share regarding how the pandemic has impacted our community?

 I have often wished to have an easier time explaining my troubles with geography. Turns out, I was not at all comforted by the discovery that others shared my frustrations. Being "at home" eventually becomes troubling for everyone if it goes on long enough. FIGT helps me immensely by keeping me more focused on community than my own troubles.

On the plus side, the next wave of technical growth is already here. Companies went remote and governments distributed tablets at mass scale to keep people home. Even more surprising, I've learned to use Zoom.

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