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18 Mar 2016 1:49 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

On FIGT's active Facebook page, #FIGT16NL, Emilie Alexandra Frijs Due posted the following:

Hi everyone! 
Thanks for an amazing conference! It was my first conference and It has been fantastic! A lot of you have mentioned these past few days that you have a blog. It would be great to have a list of blogs to follow and tell fellow expats/tcks/others about. So to all of the bloggers out there I would love it if you would comment this post with a link to your blog! Thanks so much. 

Here is the impressive list that came out of the discussion. Please join the discussion on FB and add yours to the list:

Olga Mecking  : The European Mama

Sarah Bringhurst Familia ;  In search of a dream to call home

Julia Lee Simens ;  Helping families worldwide

Catarina Queiroz ;  Writer & Translator

Emmy Coffey McCarthy ;  Every now and then I like to connect you with my favourite resources, interesting links…

Ute Limacher-Riebold : and a blog by a multilingual expat-since-birth, mum of three, living in the Netherlands

Henriette Wentholt : for employees working internationally, for partners in finding their feet at their new destination and for children moving to a new destination with their parents.

Melissa Dalton-Bradford :

Melissa Writes of Passage: 1 Family. 6 Languages. 10 Countries. 1 Writer. Always at Home.

Jennifer Ann Canning Patterson : 

Rita Rosenback :,  Multilingual parenting - families with bilingual children

Cate Johnson Brubaker  :  Re-entry after being abroad isn’t just about    reverse culture  shock. It’s an opportunity to    create a global life…

Louise Wiles : www.,  Inspiration, Motivation and Tips to Help You   Create an Expat Life You Love

Janneke Jellema:  I blog about kids growing up in other cultures. I am a TCK and write about TCKs

Katia Vlachos : www.diary-of-a-move.comand and,  Diary of a Move is a story about crossing borders and cultures.

Lisa Ferland :,  Knocked Up Abroad Book,  A collection of lighthearted stories of being pregnant, giving birth and raising a young family abroad

Claudia Landini :  personal blog:   Leçons et bénéfices d’une vie à l’étranger       

Diane Lemieux : ,  The Mobile Life: a blog

Jane Barron : , Globally Mobile | Locally Grounded

Marilyn Gardner  : , Communicating.Across.Boundaries communicating across the boundaries of faith & culture                                                         

Dounia Bertuccelli  : , Next Stop: Musings of a Third Culture Kid

Ellen Mahoney :

Carolyn Parse Rizzo :,  Life, love, and living abroad

Vivian Chiona:

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