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Guest blog from our Gold sponsor: Culturs Global Multicultural Magazine

22 Apr 2016 1:01 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

Culturs Global Multicultural Magazine was established specifically for a globally-mobile, diverse population.  Its articles address needs, desires and attitudes that sometimes only are understood, and certainly are appreciated, by our very unique population.  Founded by a globally-nomadic, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural TCK who identified with seven countries before adulthood, the premise is to provide community-a sense of home for those whom the answer "where is home" comes not so easily.                                                                      

With expert contributors from around the world, and between 50 and 100 content creators - Culturs is devoted to providing content to uplift and create community and a sense of place that may not be readily available in other arenas.  Online, in print and on t.v. - turn to Culturs to get your globally-mobile TCK fix!

Here's a sample of articles you'll find on www. Culturs.guru. Please click on the link below to find the wonderfully sensitive article "Confronting Goodbyes," by Culturs Expert Myra Dyumpais, who is head of Culturs Partner Organization TCKid.  Enjoy!


"I only figured it out when I experienced the deepest goodbye I have ever experienced in my life thus far: the goodbye journey I had with my mother when she passed away.  It wasn’t until she passed away earlier this year that I reflected on how she said goodbye to me throughout the years."


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