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Five benefits of the FIGT network: #3 Access to a writing scholarship

16 Sep 2016 10:26 AM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

Are you an aspiring or established writer, with a passionate curiosity for global family issues? Do you want to develop further? Apply for the Parfitt Pascoe Residency at our upcoming 2017 Conference.

Each year Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residencies are awarded to four budding writers by providing partial scholarships to the FIGT Conference. The name has been chosen to honour the trailblazing writing work of Expat Expert Robin Pascoe and the ongoing commitment to support new writers of Jo Parfitt of Summertime Publishing.

The four successful scholars will be selected on merit and receive:

  • Free tuition from Jo Parfitt prior to the conference on how to write articles for the global market and how to place them with publications. This will be conducted by means of an 8-session online course, completed by email, prior to the conference.
  • Free mentoring from Jo Parfitt, a journalist who has specialised in expatriate issues for decades and edited three magazines. Mentoring will occur by Skype prior to conference.
  • Editing of your work prior to publication on the FIGT website, blog and newsletter.
  • Partial scholarships to the conference
  • Publication of your work, with byline, in FIGT media.

In exchange for subsidized entry, the writing scholars are obliged to provide:

  • Coverage of all FIGT sessions according to the designated format.
  • At least six articles and six blog posts about the conference within a pre-agreed deadline.
  • The provision of the conference coverage text by a pre-agreed deadline.
A commitment to fulfil obligations.

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