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Keynote Speaker Highlight: Sebastien Bellin's Recovery and Journey to the FIGT 2017 Annual Conference

21 Mar 2017 1:58 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

When you grow up in different places around the world, unfortunately, one is not sheltered from violent situations and terrorist events near and far. They tend to prick our hearts deeply because of knowing so many different people, countries, and places that we call home. These situations feel so much closer to “home” even though they could be miles away. 

We know many of us have similar stories. Waking up and hearing about the World Trade Center towers falling and being worried for family and friends in the area. Learning about a colleague's loss in the Kenya Mall shooting - a place where many of us have been and colleagues visit all the time. Or finding out about a friend who walked through the Brussels airport but stopped at the restroom and checked his email 5 minutes before the Brussels bomb went off, and so missed it. The very same bomb that exploded near Sebastien Bellin, our Saturday Keynote Speaker at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Annual Conference 2017. In an instant though, Sebastien’s story changed to survival.  

Sebastien is an ATCK whose life followed various paths including being a professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and father. Just like so many of us who frequently visit airports, this was another trip. He didn’t expect to be lying injured on the floor wondering what happened or what would come next. But what does come next and how do you move forward from such an incident? 

Sebastien has recovered as best one can and now gives talks that can help the rest of us learn from his lessons and insight. Instead of feeling suffocated with hate and fear, Sebastien has a message of love, forgiveness, and empathy. Specifically, Sebastien helps us to understand how we can “face our fears, reach down deep inside, and unleash profound change and personal power” (Wolfman Productions Website, 2017). Lots to take in, we know - but an important message to hear nonetheless. 

Make sure to join Sebastien’s moving keynote on Saturday, March 25th. To help you better prepare for the conference, you will find 1) information regarding Sebastien’s Keynote on Saturday, 2) more about Sebastien, 3) and a chance to preview his story. 

1. SATURDAY KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - March 25th, 2017 at 10:00 AM

"I should fear, but I don't. Why do you?" - Sebastien Bellin

The FIGT Program Committee is excited to share Sebastien Bellin's remarkable story of recovery and his refusal to let the Brussels terrorists win. On March 22nd 2016, Sebastien was standing 20 meters away from a bomb which exploded in Brussels Zaventem airport. Since the event, Sebastien has developed a uniquely qualified perspective about the times in which we live, and the things that kept him going while badly injured and fighting for his life. His remarkable journey is inspiring, in times when an event like this can bring fear and hate to the world, he will be with us to share just the opposite, bringing hope to the cross culture world we are living in.


Sebastien is a Brazilian-born ATCK. He had lived in 5 countries before he graduated from the International School of Brussels. He is a multi-linguist. He received a scholarship to play NCAA Division One college basketball in the U.S. at Marist College in NY and later Oakland University in Michigan. He studied international business. Sebastien is the father of two TCKs, married to Sarah, a teacher with 12 years of experience in international education.

Bellin has had a 15-year professional basketball career in Italy and Belgium. He's one of the "original gang" who created Keemotion (May 2012), an automated sports video production system that is currently installed in 12 countries. Keemotion was recently sold to a group of NY investors which is why Sebastien travels extensively between NYC and Brussels. He is heavily involved in the start-up consulting world.


Information about Sebastien and other change makers. 

Website: http://wolfmanproductions.com/sebastien-bellin/

Listen to his Ted Talk

Thank you, Sebastien, for all your contributions to the community and sharing your powerful story. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your presentation this week!


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