FIGT Conference Highlight - The Lightning Presentations

10 Jan 2018 8:56 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT Lightning Session—Ready to be enlightened?

The Lightning presentations at the FIGT Annual Conference are often cited as the highlight of the conference. With only six minutes to tell a story in 20 slides, each presenter delivers a punchy and energetic story that takes enlightens and excites the audience. Delivered with only enough time for brief applause in between, the breakneck speed of listening to consecutive Lightning talks creates an inevitable roller coaster of emotions in the audience.

One presenter discusses grief, loss, and the pain of a mobile life while the next explores how best to engage with the refugee population in new and fascinating ways. No two Lightning talks are ever similar, slow, or tedious.

In 2018, the Lightning presentations will cover topics related to living a happy global life, race relations, the role of faith in transition, guilt and the developing world, among others.

Be prepared for this Lightning session to leave you wanting more.


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