2018 Conference Silver Sponsor: American Psychologist.nl

20 Nov 2018 2:59 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT is fortunate to have supportive sponsors. This is the sixth of a short series of articles highlighting those whose invaluable financial and professional support has helped keep FIGT growing this year.

Introducing 2018 Conference Silver Sponsor American Psychologist.nl

Another first-time FIGT sponsor in 2018 is American Psychologist.nl, owned by Mark Burdick. A graduate school of The American School in Lugano, Switzerland and an educational consultant and psychologist with multiple degrees and licenses recognized in the US, UK and EU, Mark has dedicated his life to developing a global practice helping individuals and their families find the right education and treatment programs addressing mental health and other challenges.

Services include program referral tailored to each client; sobriety services; assessments and interventions; parent sessions and classes; and aftercare support upon program/school completion.

He has spent the past forty years traveling extensively, helping families and investigating schools and programs worldwide. Given that both his clients and the best solution recommendations for them may be located around the world, Mark recognizes a natural affiliation with Families in Global Transition. In fact, it is what attracted him to sponsor FIGT.

“FIGT is a community appreciative of the novel and creative outcomes provided by living outside of one’s familiar territory.”

When asked what it is about his and his small number of trusted associates’ services he would most like the FIGT community to be aware of, he didn’t hesitate.

“We are practitioners who are licensed to do our testing, counseling, and placement. We can provide an ‘insurance friendly’ invoicing across the United States, United Kingdom, European Union countries and others. We are all Third Culture Grown Ups ourselves.” Later, he expanded on this answer, noting that their services are “ethical, non-harming, moving family forwarded, and successful.”

Mark spent significant time in The Hague at FIGT2018 conversing with attendees, listening, asking questions, reassuring, helping. If you’ve met him, it’s no surprise that, when asked the value of attending the annual conference, he joked about having “a day off” and loving “the photo bombs with others.” Then, quickly becoming serious, he added, “Truly, it is about unity in purpose.”

Mark is also the founder of Burdick Psychological & Placement Services. 

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