Announcing Platinum Sponsor BAMBI

04 Dec 2018 1:19 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

Families in Global Transition is thrilled to announce our new Platinum Sponsor, hailing from our upcoming conference city, Bangkok Mothers and Babies International (BAMBI).

BAMBI, a longstanding special project of the not-for-profit Childbirth and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand, is in its 37th year of providing support and friendship through the common bond of parenthood. In terms of impact, BAMBI “provides a soft landing for young families new to Bangkok,” and then helps support them as they grow and thrive.

How FIGT came to learn about BAMBI, and how BAMBI has since become a Platinum Sponsor, is itself a story of global connections, the unceasing desire to support causes near and dear to one’s heart, and an interest in making the absolute most of resources to benefit all involved.

Earlier this year, a longtime FIGT supporter approached us with the generous desire of making a sizeable donation to help FIGT continue to grow in its mission as a welcoming forum for globally mobile individuals, families, and those working with them across cultures.

Eager to maximize the impact of this gift, our donor – who wishes to remain anonymous – mentioned BAMBI, and the great work they’ve been doing over the years providing an extensive range of services targeted at parents and young families in Bangkok.

From the humble beginnings of the Bumps and Babies program, a support group for pregnant expats in Bangkok, these services have grown to include support for expectant and new parents, baby activities, playgroups, after school activities, seasonal parties, me-time for mums, cultural events, and support for local charitable projects supporting young families in Thailand. BAMBI also coordinates and promotes a wide variety of external community support groups, including in the areas of Breast Cancer, Learning Disabilities, Lone Parenting, Adoption, and Fertility.

Further discussions among the three parties led to our donor graciously contributing the Platinum Sponsorship fee for BAMBI, benefiting both BAMBI and FIGT at the same time. Talk about a growth mindset resulting in win-win-win results!

The theme of FIGT’s conference in April is Connect – Lead –Change: Welcoming New Perspectives to Inspire and Support People in Transition. Having learned about BAMBI’s impressive work these many years in Bangkok, they certainly are at the forefront of connecting, leading and helping their members enact change, and definitely celebrate and support families in cross-cultural transition.

FIGT is fortunate to have supportive sponsors such as BAMBI (and our anonymous donor), whose invaluable financial and professional support helps keep FIGT growing and serving our global community year round.

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