#FIGTmember moment December 2018

07 Dec 2018 2:14 AM | Deborah Valentine

Membership has some new functionality options for you, which we would encourage you to explore, update and make a note of.

The first - more fun than anything else - is a world map, mapping out where our members are. Fun for our members to explore, useful for those visually inclined and hopefully an extra support for those looking for local connections, especially with our members offering their services, expertise and more - on a local level. Whether you are a member or not - do take a moment to explore FIGT’s world. Personally, I have fun with the ‘satellite’ viewing option. :)

On a more serious level though, we have made a few additions to our Member’s profiles, those public as well as within the members only section. To date, only our publicly listed members (small businesses, non-profits, organisational and corporate) were able to include a reference to their area of Focus & Expertise. For our individual, student members we have now activated this option for you to include your area of interest/research. Updating your profiles enhances the chances of being found - as the words used there are also captured by the ‘search’ function on the website. So, please, do take a moment to refresh your profiles - update and include your areas of focus, expertise, interests or research.

While you logged in why not also add your social media profiles? This functionality has been added and activated as well recently. Again, enhancing not only your own visibility, but also the opportunities to connect with fellow members, and those looking for you.

Not sure how to update your profile? Take a look at this simple instruction sheet for assistance. Maybe this could be one of those New Year’s Resolutions (if you make them) which can be done BEFORE the new year, which means, you can give this one a big check mark for being DONE. :)

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