#FIGTMember Moment: Reflecting on Our New Strategy

13 Feb 2019 1:30 PM | Anonymous

Almost a year on since the launching of the new FIGT membership strategy, our membership has increased by 37%. We take this moment to reflect on our growth and invite you to share your thoughts.

Since launching the new membership strategy at #FIGT18NL, we are pleased to share that we have witnessed at 37% increase in our members. Thank YOU to all the #FIGTMembers who continue to support the work we do by investing in us, and benefiting from the privileges we offer.

More small businesses/non-profits members

As you can see in the chart below, the new level we introduced in March in The Hague, that of ‘small businesses/non-profits’ has proven to be very popular. Welcome to all those who took the step to take advantage of this, and join our Public Directory - thus sharing with the globally mobile community the services, expertise and support you offer!

A reminder though, to ensure you are ‘found’ we encourage you to login to your profile, ensure it is complete -- social media tags, key words -- and of course an image. For the latter, please contact admin@figt.org for support in adding an image.

Active affiliates

We also see an increasing number of events being organized by our affiliates in the last year -- FIGT is clearly hitting a mark, and making an impact.

Did you know we have 10 affiliates across the world, and two thematic/virtual ones? Or, that FIGT membership is NOT required to participate in them? Check them out here. This is just one of the ways you can discover FIGT and the people who, like you, are drawn to it.

Share your thoughts!

With 261 members and counting, and more affiliate events being planned, what advice would you give to encouraging more individuals to join FIGT and be a part of our community?

Share your thoughts with us by emailing them to membership@figt.org, or bring them to #FIGT2019 where we can discuss them further.

Alternatively, share your thoughts within the FIGTMembers Group on Facebook where we can start a conversation among #FIGTMembers.

Stay tuned for added #FIGTMember privileges leading up to #FIGT2019.

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