#FIGT2019 Second Keynote Speaker announced – Anita Kapoor

14 Feb 2019 2:50 PM | Anonymous

We are very pleased to announce our second keynote speaker for the #FIGT2019 conference – Anita Kapoor. Anita’s keynote will focus on the concept of LEAD.

TV presenter, writer, travel show host, emcee and international media celebrity, Anita knows what it means to live a global life. Born in India, Anita has spent most of her life in Singapore (the place she calls ‘home’) but both her professional and personal life continue to take her around the world and satiate her appetite for travel.

Renowned for her ability to seek what lies beyond the obvious and discuss global yet personal issues such as feminism and death, Anita’s reflections are always exciting.

A fierce advocate of individuality and a spokesperson for equality, Anita has learned to use her Third Culture Kid (TCK) status to her advantage. ‘It’s often when we feel that we’re on the periphery of things, of places, that we are granted a clearer sight in’ she explains.

With that insight, and with the opportunities that travel and global living can bring, comes a sense of responsibility. ‘Being grateful is so important to me’, she says modestly. ‘Yes, I’ve had a charmed TCK life. I’ve also lived through challenges. But I believe that it’s through being grateful that we gain empathy’. One senses what Anita really means - without empathy, the global life lacks depth and meaning.

Anita’s keynote will focus on recognising and accepting our individuality, and learning to become ‘enlightened stakeholders’ of wisdom and understanding. ‘I am not interested in applying labels and living in bubbles’ she explains, but instead will focus on the great opportunity that a global life can bring.

Anita’s work continues to take her around the globe; between mid-February and #FIGT2019 in April, Anita will have spent time in India and Nepal. ‘Who knows how the next two months will change me and what more I will be able to bring to you’ she explains.

One thing is certain, the keynote will be energising, inspiring and most probably challenging.

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