Getting Ready for Bangkok!

05 Apr 2019 1:55 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

As we countdown to FIGT2019, here are a couple of quick tips for those wondering about what to pack, where to eat and how to navigate Bangkok.


Late April is going to be hot – around 28-34°C /82-94°F. Light clothes, sandals but with the A/C blasting inside, bring another layer to stay warm inside! Air quality is usually good in April.

Getting Around

If you’re staying in the Sukhumvit Road area around NIST, getting around should be pretty easy. You may even be able to walk to NIST from some of the hotels with whom FIGT has negotiated discounts. For example, the Movenpick is a 5-10 minute walk.

Traffic can be a pain in Bangkok so if you’re planning to go far, then public transport is recommended – either BTS or Metro. There is no Uber but you can download the Grab app for a similar service – you can pay cash or use your credit card. You will see plenty of tuk tuks which can be very expensive but tempting as a visitor experience! There are usually motor taxis outside NIST but these are not recommended on main roads.

Taxis from the airport are pretty easy; they charge a little more than the meter for the airport fee & possible tolls if you take the highway. If you are staying in the Movenpick, they have a shuttle that goes to Terminal 21/Asoke bts station, which is great for outside the NIST shuttle hours.

The Neighborhood

NIST is in the center of the city so lots of options for eating, shopping and just relaxing with new and old friends from FIGT!

  • Soi 11 is within walking distance of NIST with lots of bars and restaurants. There’s even a Starbucks for those who need their ‘fix’. Our team recommend Soho for NY pizza place and Brew, a bar with decent burgers in an attached restaurant.
  • Also within walking distance is Terminal 21, a huge mall with shopping and restaurant options. If you are staying in the Movenpick, they have a shuttle that goes to Terminal 21/Asoke bts station.
  • The team recommend Cabbages & Condoms which provides good Thai food and supports a great local non-profit.
  • Right outside NIST are a couple of street food vendors – our team recommends the fresh fried rice and the rotis that are sold at the end of the school day.

What else should I check out?

  • There are lots of rooftop bars/restaurants which are fun, but it might be too hot.
  • Make sure you have some mango sticky rice before leaving.  It’s everywhere.
  • If you go to Wat Pho temple, where the reclining Buddha is, you can also get a fun astrology reading if you like that kind of entertainment.
  • There are many massage places to pick from & everyone will suggest a different favorite. For something quick, our team recommends Silk or Baan Dalah. If you want a full private experience, Asian Herb Association is pretty reliable.

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