FIGT Boston Affiliate

 Dr. Anne Copeland
Naomi Nakamura 

The FIGT Boston Affiliate meets four times/year in members’ homes for a time of networking and appetizers, followed by a presentation or facilitated discussion. If you are interested in attending please contact

The Boston group was the first FIGT affiliate to form a result of the board of directors’ commitment to keeping the spark and energy of the annual conference alive throughout the remainder of the year. Its first meeting was convened in January 2009 by Anne Copeland and Tina Quick; 15 people interested in intercultural matters and careers discussed their hopes for the affiliate and planned how they would like to support each other. The group agreed they wanted to use the chapter to learn more about each others’ work, to explore networking and collaboration opportunities, to grapple with ideas and challenges and to learn from each other..

The mission of this group is to continue the work of FIGT beyond its annual conference, by meeting to support and educate professionals who work to improve the lives of families in global transition. We meet four times per year in the home of group members. Typically there is a period of socializing and networking over food and drink provided by the host, followed by a 30-45 minute presentation or facilitated discussion by a group member on a topic of interest. Some of the offerings have included:

  • TCKs and transition
  • Leadership across cultures
  • Successful trainings and tools used
  • Team members’ collaborations
  • How professional and personal lives relate to intercultural issues
  • Group brainstorming in assisting a group member with a work issue
  • Cultural differences in values

FIGT Boston has been and continues to be a useful resource and network for those with intercultural connections. Its members coming from all backgrounds and interests including educators, relocation experts, those working with refugees and immigrants, students, coaches, trainers and others. 


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