FIGT Brazil Affiliate

Year Established: 2017
Type: Geographical
Gathering: In-person and Virtual
Language: English, Portuguese


  • to be a resource for Brazilian citizens living abroad and expatriates in general living in Brazil
  • to be a resource for support and education for families in global transition residing in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries

  • to bring together representatives of the corporate, diplomatic and academic fields, creating an opportunity to share experiences and best practices in how to support global staff and their families

  • to collaborate with groups and associations sharing FIGT's vision of supporting global citizens

  • to maintain the energy and share the knowledge of the FIGT Annual Conference, throughout the year

  • to empower the international community in Brazil and the Portuguese speaking community worldwide

  • to serve as a platform of communication, to share information that is relevant to our members


Carolina Porto is a multicultural coach and (almost) therapist with extensive international transition and relocation experience serving the cross-culture and global citizen community.

She works one-to-one and does public speaking in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. She has lived and worked in 4 continents, throughout 11 international moves to 10 different countries such as: Brazil, France, Jordan, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Mexico & Panama. She currently lives in Spain with her husband and her two cross-cultural children aged 14 and 12. 

Living abroad and moving is a constant in her life and she loves it.

Sandra Bissell, a transition coach and cross-cultural trainer, through her programs, supports women who moved abroad to use their life and location transitions as a trampoline to create their dream life, anywhere.

A Japanese-Italian-Brazilian citizen, living the expat life for three decades, she is married to an adult Third Culture Kid and proud mother of three TCKs. In Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, the United States, and France, Sandra has enjoyed a variety of roles supporting the global community, while responding to her life’s calling in motivating and inspiring women to live to their full potential. She is the founder of the ExpatJoy Blog: Passionate Global Living - a blog about the joys and struggles of international living. Her website is

‘I believe we can achieve any desire to which we set our minds and that knowledge and a positive attitudes are our most important tools to reach our goals.’

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