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To submit your e-poster:

  • Click here to download our template:  this is provided for guidance. You do not have to submit using this template.
  • Submit your e-poster using this form

For questions about submitting an e-poster, please email researchandeducation@figt.org.

The deadline for FIGT2021 submissions is August 31, 2021.

All e-poster submissions will be reviewed by a panel of readers - click here to read the assessment criteria.


If you presented at FIGT 2021, you can now submit an e-poster after the conference. Selected e-posters will be featured on our website.
Every FIGT2021 conference presenter is eligible to submit an e-poster. E-posters are designed to summarize and present the work from your presentation - whether research or best practice, the topic of your guided discussion, lightning session, power presentation or panel.

What is an e-poster?
An eye-catching, easy to read poster, suitable for use online and in printed material to promote your work or ideas to a greater audience.

Click here to see a sample e-poster based on ‘Third Culture Kids’ by Ruth Van Reken and Micheal V. Pollock.

What makes a good e-poster?

  • Ability to Stand Alone: Serves as a clear communication of the project without the team present. Easy to read. It should take no longer than 10 minutes for someone to read the poster.
  • Accuracy of Information Presented: The scientific content of the poster should be accurate. Models should be free of mathematical error. For non-research-based poster, author(s) bears sole responsibility for the accuracy, liability and accountability of the content.
  • Conciseness: The content of the poster should be clearly written and free of jargon.
  • Grammar/Spelling: Free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Quality of Graphics: Figures should be well labeled and have clear legends.
  • Overall Visual Appeal: Has a balance of text, figures, and space. Color and font changes should be used appropriately.
  • Flow: The content should follow a logical sequence allowing readers to navigate the poster with ease.
  • Attributions: Gives credit to contributors who may not be present, only include key concepts (i.e. ~ 5 references but not 20).
What should your e-poster include:
  • Printable size A0
  • Include FIGT logo at top left corner
  • Three (3) keywords
  • Your original work
  • Approval from all authors (if more than 1 author)
  • Proof of publication (if the work has been published)
  • Copyright to FIGT
  • Check e-poster templates here

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