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Focus on Repatriation - Returning 'Home' After Living Abroad is All About Reconnection

  • 29 Jul 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (AEST)
  • Online (via Zoom)

Hosted by FIGT Melbourne

Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm AEST (Melbourne) 

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Cost: FREE. Open to all. 

Whilst this all sounds straight forward it is often a move that catches even the most seasoned of expat by surprise. Those who think it’s 'easy' have probably never done it!

A recent study found that 70% of returning expats said their self-esteem was impacted, whilst as many as 85% experienced challenges reintegrating into the local business community and workforce.

With repatriation challenging both our personal and professional lives, coupled with the current global volatility, the need for planning has never been more crucial.

At our July FIGT Melbourne event, we will be joined by Margot Andersen, founder of Insync Network Group. Our discussion will look at the planning and strategies to ensure that you arrive well, work well, and live well upon your arrival return 'home.'

Margot Anderson is the owner of talentinsight Australia, a career management and leadership consultancy; and the founder of Insync Network Group, a membership community for expats navigating their return ‘home.’ In both businesses Margot helps people to confidently and successfully manage transition: be it leading businesses and people through change; managing the transition to management or leadership; navigating a new job or career path; or relocating lives and careers around the world. She works with businesses and individuals as an advisor, trainer and executive coach.

Register at: melbourne@figt.org

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