FIGT Korea Affiliate

Year Established: 2010
Type: Geographical
Gathering: In-person
Language: English

FIGT Korea is the first international affiliate to be approved by the FIGT Board of Directors on November 5, 2010.

FIGT Korea aims to:

  1. support TCKs
  2. build FIGT awareness to expat communities and
  3. promote FIGT to the cross cultural researchers, HR specialists, relocation specialist in Korea.


Isabelle Min, an Adult Third Culture Kid and cross cultural coach and trainer based in Seoul, Korea attended her first FIGT Conference in Houston, Texas after which she submitted her application for FIGT Korea Affiliate to promote FIGT to the Third Culture Kids, researchers and expats in Korea.

In July 2010, Isabelle together with five interested individuals, namely EunBum Cho, KyungJin Cho, MinSeon Jang, Chloe Kim hosted the TCK Project 2010, a seminar at Ilmin Culture Center in central Seoul.  TCK Project 2010 continued in subsequent months as a monthly dinner at varying locations whilst spreading the word of its existence and gauging the public response of TCKs in Korea. 

In 2011,TCK Network found a new format; a monthly meeting at Seoul City sponsored, Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center seminar room.  The monthly meeting is held six times a year, generally on first Tuesday evenings of April,May,June, September, October and November as a forum of Third Culture Kids and Cosmopolitans in Korea. During summer and winter intermissions, the network hosts Get-Together parties.  In March 2012, the network launched Mentor2Mentee (M2M) program with 4 ATCK mentors supporting network members in all aspects of life and career mentoring.

Meanwhile, in September 2010 Isabelle also launched the FIGT Lunch Group at Seoul International Women’s Association (SIWA) The FIGT Lunch Group met every month after the SIWA Coffee Morning discussing implications of global transition on families and individuals.

As of June 2012, SIWA acknowledged the group as its own ‘Transition Group.’  FIGT Korea Affiliate supports SIWA’s Transition Group to inform expats in Korea of the worldwide resources for expats and to promote discussions on personal and organizational impact of global transition.


  • Cross cultural mini seminars & lectures
  • Transition support through group discussions
  • Career development for global professionals
  • Mentoring for TCKs & Cosmopolitans in Korea

FIGT Korea Future Plans:

FIGT Korea seeks to be a useful resource and network for expats, TCKs and intercultural researchers, consultants, coaches, trainers and students.  To this end, FIGT Korea will continue to:

  • Organize TCK and FIGT seminars
  • Support multicultural families  
  • Identify and inform intercultural researcher to present at FIGT Conference

    About Isabelle

Isabelle Min is a “Cultural Interpreter” specializing in cross-culture and communication. She is CEO of TCK Institute and Adjunct Professor at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul.  At TCK institute, she combines her multicultural upbringing with 25 years of career in marketing, broadcasting, public relations, training, writing, simultaneous interpreting and coaching to facilitate cross-cultural communication between Koreans and expats. She spent her formative years living in five continents and speaks 5 languages. Isabelle can be reached by emailing

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