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  • 09 Oct 2012 12:50 PM | Deleted user
    The last edition of Living in the U.S.A, the United States is a country that is never what you think it is. Since that edition was introduced nearly ten years ago, the country has been struggling with troubling, divisive events and issues.
    Lanier, Alison & Jef Davis (2004). Intercultural Press.
  • 09 Oct 2012 12:45 PM | Deleted user
    This indispensable handbook provides the reader with straightforward information about the challenges of moving to a new country: culture shock, stereotyping, misperceptions, misunderstandings, and the tools needed to overcome obstacles.
    Kohls, Robert L. (2001). Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

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  • 09 Oct 2012 12:43 PM | Deleted user
    This book looks at the movements of immigrants and refugees and the challenges they face as they cross cultural boundaries and strive to build a new life in an unfamiliar place. It focuses on the psychological dynamic.
    Kim, Y. Y. (2001). Sage Publications, Inc.

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  • 04 Oct 2012 1:05 PM | Deleted user
    Beginning in Los Angeles International Airport, where town life, shops, services, sociability, are available without a town, Pico Iyer takes us on a tour of the transnational village our world has become.
    Iyer, P. (2000). Vintage Books.

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  • 04 Oct 2012 1:03 PM | Deleted user
    Edward T. Hall opens up new dimensions of  understanding and perception of human experience by  helping us rethink our values in constructive ways.
    Hall, E. T. (1976, 1981). New York, NY: Anchor/Doubleday.

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  • 04 Oct 2012 1:02 PM | Deleted user
    Leading anthropologist Hall analyzes the many aspects of non-verbal communication and considers the concepts of space and time as tools for transmission of messages.
    Hall, E. T. (1959). New York NY: Anchor/Doubleday.

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  • 04 Oct 2012 12:50 PM | Deleted user
    The book reveals secrets for moving sanely and easily that will appeal to the novice mover while its candid stories will bring smiles to the experienced mover who can identify with the highs and lows of relocating.
    Cabot, Ann (2005).  New Arts Publishing.

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  • 04 Oct 2012 12:35 PM | Deleted user
    Abilene Christian University Press.
    Austin, C. N. (1986).

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  • 30 Jan 2012 5:22 PM | Deleted user
    Social Network exclusively for people living and working abroad. Membership by invitation only but see the website to see how you can get invited. Online forums and real world events in many locations.

  • 30 Jan 2012 4:59 PM | Deleted user
    Regularly updated blog by an expatriate coach. Strategies for successful expatriation.

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