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Year Established: 2018
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FIGT Research Network News:

The FIGT Research Network has introduced a new online journal call the Journal of Cross-Cultural Family Studies (JCCFS), an electronic, open access, peer-reviewed academic journal seeking to promote and publish research on the internal dynamics of the family and its relationship to society as affected by its cross-cultural interactions. The JCCFS seeks papers from authors about their multi-disciplinary research. For more details, please click here.

About the FIGT Research Network

With regard to research, FIGT’s goal is to cultivate, support, and disseminate rigorous research pertinent to families/individuals in global transition. FIGT is a forum for researchers to come together with those undergoing worldwide relocations and the practitioners assisting them. Families/individuals in cross-cultural transition and service providers benefit from being the first to hear the latest findings, and researchers benefit from the input and wisdom of those they study and the service providers who support them.

FIGT, through research into international and intercultural issues, pledges:

  •      To build relationships among researchers, those they study and the consumers of their research
  •      To encourage and assist researchers by facilitating the sharing of solutions to methodological challenges
  •      To increase awareness about emerging research
  •       To support and guide research using best practices and ethics
  •      To promote multi-disciplinary research and literature

Research Topics of Interest

Did you know… that 62% of the FIGT Research Network is based in the United States, while 33% is international and 5% undeclared? We are a vibrant interdisciplinary community of professionals seeking to advance the knowledge base and understanding of the experiences of individuals and families in global transition.

Participants are therapists, students, professors, researchers, government employees, counselors, consultants among other occupations.  Research backgrounds include communication, theology, mental health, family psychology, sociology, intercultural communication, geography, borderlanders, child and family support services, and more.

Relevant research findings are also shared at the FIGT Researchers Forum during the annual FIGT conference.

At a recent conference,led by Ann Baker Cottrell, Sociology Professor Emerita at San Diego State University and Sarah Gonzales of Pepperdine University School of Law, some two dozen researchers and consumers of that research came together for an engaging three-and-a-half hour session. Reflecting the composition of the entire Research Network, the forum participants represented a variety of sectors -- education, business, diplomacy, missions, military, international organizations. Current and recent projects they are working on include: 

· the evolution of post-WWII labels for TCKs, global nomads, expatriates, cross-culturals, etc., and changing geographic and age-related preferences for such identification;

· adult TCKs' implicit and explicit leadership skills at multiple points along their career continuum;

· linkage between self-identification with two or more societies and increased creativity;

· awareness of and working across cultures;

· identity, belonging and if/how age affects relocations;

· the intersection of mobility and education in mobile families practicing non-traditional 'road schooling' or 'un-schooling';

· addressing career gaps for spouses and domestic partners, and differences in support for males and females;

· self-directed orientation for new arrivals;

· how Intercultural Baccalaureate students fare in an increasingly multicultural corporate world;

· re-entry care/support; and

· expatriate preparation for retirement.

Why Join?

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1.  Highlighted research projects

2.  Announcements of studies & opportunities

3.  Articles on best practices, ethics, multi-disciplinary research & literature

  • Annual Research Forum at the FIGT Conference

FIGT Research Network - Membership

Membership in the FIGT Research Network is free and open to any individual who is committed to engaging in and supporting responsible research to further the understanding of families in global transition. 

To apply for membership in the FIGT Research Network please complete the form below. For questions, please contact Sarah Gonzales at

You will also find the FIGT Research Network on Facebook

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