New Membership Strategy FAQs

What is NEW about FIGT’s Membership options?

In essence:

  1. Reduction of Annual Fees
  2. Introduction of Small Business Level
  3. Updating of associated Privileges (formerly benefits)
  4. Organisations can have 4 (vs 3 associated memberships)
  5. Website will have ‘open’ section - accessible by anyone looking for the ideas/discussion/support we can provide

Why has FIGT made such changes?

In order to help FIGT remain a viable, engaging, effective organization into the future, we want to encourage and expand membership. This will help broaden our diverse community by encouraging more students, young adults,  global entrepreneurs, and others within our network to join. We are not simply discounting our fees, we are improving the value proposition of the organisation.

What happened to the conference discount?

In order to encourage the development of FIGT as an organisation which is available year round to its members, as well as to the broader community of those interested in what we do, what was a discount focused on the conference is now, in fact, a a discount focusing on membership fees. Future conference fees will always have an early bird discount offer - open to all - regardless of whether a member or non-member.

What is the difference between a benefit and a privilege?

FIGT is not only about what we, as an organisation, can do for its members. It is also about what we, as members of FIGT, can do for one another. Furthermore, we want to encourage our members to actively invest in FIGT (by being members as well as contributing their time/skills, etc). In exchange, the reward is not simply a benefit, but becomes a privilege.

I have just renewed. Will I get a rebate?

In order to lessen the admin burden on the organisation, and related costs, FIGT will offer to people who have recently renewed - an extension or, when applicable, upgrade of their membership. This is partially dependent upon when renewal took or is due to take place, so it is best to direct these inquiries to or

Do I need to be studying to qualify for the Student rate?

The ‘student’ rate is also a young adult rate. IF you are a ‘mature’ student - older than 30 years of age - then the Student rate would apply. We ask that you inform us where you are currently studying.

Can I get a receipt for my membership fee?

Yes. Receipts are automatically provided to all members.

When will the new profiles on the (public) end of the website be activated?

We are aiming to have this ready in the week of April 9th. Members will be advised what they need to do to update their Membership status/info. Through a mailing around 28 March members will be reminded of this. Those wishing to become a Small Business Member from a former Individual Member will be asked to contact

Currently my Member level is Individual. I would like to become a Small Business Member. What should I do?

If you'd like to change your membership to different level, please email  

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