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Q: I'd like to be able to attend the #FIGT2024 Forum, but it is at times when I cannot make it - either in the middle of the night or when I have other obligations. I don't want to miss it though. Will it be recorded and how can I get access to the recordings?

A: Yes. #FIGT2024 Sessions have been recorded, and will be made available to all who Register for the event for 6 months following 20th/21st April 2024. There is one exception: there will be no recording of the Let's Talk Panel - first session on 21 April 2024.

Q: What time will Kumospace be open during #FIGT2024?

A: Kumospace does not have an open/close time. For those attending #FIGT2024 a link will be shared during the first break on day 1 (20 April 2024) and will then remain open to all attendees. Making plans to meet there, in Kumospace, will be open to all registered to attend, offering spaces and moments of connection and collaboration. Want to know more about Kumospace? See here.

Have a technical Question?

Q: I have a technical question, or need help on the days of #FIGT2024.

A: You can reach our technical team here! Or view our Technical FAQ's here. (this document is regularly updated)

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