A Warm Welcome: Introducing Our Incoming FIGT Board Directors

29 Nov 2018 9:07 PM | Anonymous

As many of you who support Families in Global Transition will know, October and November are periods of huge transition, both for the organization’s Board of Directors, but also for the Board Members moving into their new roles.

Last month, we had the privilege of saying a fond farewell to our dedicated outgoing Board, and this month we get to welcome the equally talented incoming Directors.

Joining our current Board Members -  Rita Rosenback, Todd Cress, Trisha Carter, Kate Berger, Kyoung Mi Choi, Linda Janssen, Jody Tangredi and Deborah Valentine - we are delighted to add Dawn Bryan, Valérie Besanceney, Vivian Chiona, Anne Lessle, Megan Norton and Ginny Philps.

So what inspired these great people to take on the task of navigating FIGT’s onward journey, and what do they hope to get out of their deeper involvement? Wonder no more, because we asked them - and here are their answers!

Affiliate Director

One person who is truly able to understand the benefits of the FIGT Affiliates is Vivian Chiona. She is already a Co-Chair for both the Netherlands and the Greece Affiliate, and is looking forward to “building our network of affiliates and to take our efforts at FIGT to the next level, as well as to develop greater awareness of the important work we do here for the international community."

As someone who is passionate about bringing FIGT to local communities, Vivian’s personal motivation is clear. “Knowing that I am giving back and contributing all I can to the international community, I feel a great sense of satisfaction working with an organization like FIGT, whose values are very much in line with my own.”

Communications Co-Directors

We are delighted to benefit from the combined expertise of Ginny Philps and Anne Lesslehttps://www.figt.org/Anne-Lessle, who will be Co-Chairing the Communications Team. While Anne is managing her own global transition, Ginny notes that she is:

most looking forward to building on the amazing work that FIGT members have done before me. I am also keen to respond to the call made by Ruth van Reken to 'widen the tent' and  see who is 'not at the table' ...helping ensure that FIGT is widely appreciated for the great community that it is. On a personal note, I’m hoping to add value across the Communications sphere through utilising my relevant corporate, NGO and international school experience.”

Nominations Director

As a previous conference Speaker and Panel Moderator, Megan Norton brings a wealth of experience and a great enthusiasm to her role as Nominations Chair. That is reflected in her commitment to

“advocating for an expanded perspective, drive, and reach to continue conversations surrounding diversity, equity, privilege, CCK/TCK identity, transnational mobility, culture, and faith. We are a community of thought-leaders, game changers, and curious minds that lead these challenging and intersecting conversations in our ever increasingly interconnected and intercultural world. On a personal level, I would love to see young adult CCK/TCKs to find their sense of belonging both professionally and personally in this community.”

Program Director

Valérie Besanceney was an integral part of the Program team for last year’s 20th Anniversary Conference, and so has a first hand understanding of the impact of her role.

“It is a tremendous honor to replace Daniela Tomer in the role of Program Chair. For the past two years, I have really enjoyed seeing the program come to life, together with the rest of the program committee. Being able to experience this process now as a member of the Board adds a whole new dimension. On a personal level, I am looking forward to becoming even more connected to others who share a passion for helping others thrive through transitions. It’s been intensely rewarding to have been part of this community for the last five years, and I cannot even imagine life without FIGT in it. The connections with others is where I find myself at home at FIGT.


Our final words go to Dawn Bryan, our talented incoming President, who captures the spirit of community, commitment and the shared values of everyone involved in Families in Global Transition. She reminds us what we can achieve when we come together...

“I'm really excited to see the 2019 conference come together. I've only been on the board just over a month but I'm already thoroughly enjoying watching a team of volunteers pull together to make this conference happen. It's pretty extraordinary! I love being around so many dynamic, like-minded people who see the world through a global lens. I'm also looking forward to having a front row seat on all that's happening in FIGT!”

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