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Targeting specific audiences within the FIGT Community Morning Forums are a unique session type that encourages the building of professional networks. The longer 90-minute format allows for multiple presenters and plenty of discussion. Choose one from each group.

Friday, March 13, 2020
Saturday, March 14, 2020
Sunday, March 15, 2020


Morning Forums I
Friday, March, 13, 2020 | 08:15-09:45

International Education Affiliate First Annual Meeting

Stephen TooleAleka Bilan and Bernie Lenoue

Join other international school educators for FIGT’s first-ever meeting of the International Education Affiliate. This special interest group is open to anyone working within or with international school communities. This annual meeting will be a facilitated conversation among the educators present to discuss the further direction and needs of members of this affiliate, including brainstorming ideas/topics for three online meetings in the coming year.

Why TCKs Lead the Way in Embracing Diversity and Building Bridges: Research in Practice!

Janneke Muyselaar-Jellema and Monika de Waal, then Joyce Jenkins

Janneke and Monika will start with research results on how early cross-cultural experiences facilitate the building of positive diversity beliefs through intercultural competences that contribute to effectiveness in organizations and society, then stressing diversity beliefs and intercultural competences in education, moving into practice and discussion with a short questionnaire.

Joyce will share her research finding that living abroad, particularly during developmental years, strengthens open mindedness and flexibility, which are key to international and intercultural success. Influencing factors and implications for those living a globally mobile life will be discussed, with participants creating action plans to maximize their own and their families’ experiences of ‘living abroad’.

Morning Forums II
Saturday, March, 14, 2020 | 08:15-09:45

Counseling and Coaching Affiliate Annual Meeting

Daniela Tomer

Join us for the Counseling and Coaching Affiliate’s Annual Meeting. It is open to anyone interested in Counseling and Coaching.

Communication, connection, and collaboration are at the heart of this group. This affiliate serves as a platform to share information that is relevant to our niche. Come to learn what the affiliate has been doing and contribute to plans for future C&C activities. This is a chance to meet informally with those who are interested and working in Counseling the globally mobile and cross culture families and individuals.

Preparing Students for their Future: Intentionality in Education from High School through Higher Ed and Beyond

Aleka Bilan, Jason Coates, Tanya Crossman and Karla Fraser 

The world is changing. The number of host-country students in ‘international’ schools has increased, as has the number of universities setting up ‘branch’ campuses around the world. Cross-cultural interactions are exponential in our global lives. The marketability of traditional TCK skills is also on the rise. Learn how four experts in the educational field are helping parents, counselors and university officials prepare students for their transition into adulthood. See how we in the FIGT community can contribute to prepare our youth for creating positive change in the world.
The Well-Being of the TCK Teen

Steven DeMille, Iris Hertz, and Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi

A high mobility lifestyle instigates grief and many losses which are habitually suppressed; a defence mechanism that is often detected among expatriate families to protect each family member. This lack of an emotional outlet - within and outside the family - accumulates as unnecessary stress, leading to individual and family maladaptation. Psychological disorders in children and adolescents are particularly concerning as they may disrupt and interfere with healthy interpersonal relationships, academic achievement, and transitioning into the workforce. Which of the psychotherapy interventions are proven to be effective to sustain the well-being of the Third Culture Kids and their families? How should we assist adolescent TCKs to form liaisons with their peer group? Is repatriation exaggerated as the anti-climax of expatriation?

Morning Forums III
Sunday, March, 15, 2020 | 08:15-09:45

One Home, Two Homes or No Homes? Is a Digital Nomad Life the Future for the Globally Mobile?

Sonia Jaeger, Vivian Chiona, Dominika Miernik and Daniela Tomer

Many people dream of a location-independent life. But what is it really like? Who is it for and how do we make it work? What is like to have no home (or two)? To never settle? How do we find clients? How do we market our businesses internationally? This Morning Forum will discuss the ins and outs of being a digital nomad and the location-independent lifestyle from four very different perspectives. Sonia has been a full-time digital nomad for more than five years. Vivian has two home bases she frequently moves between. Dominika, who considers herself a part-time digital nomad or flexpat, recently discovered that nomadic life might not be as easy as expected. Which is something that Daniela also discovered while taking her location-independent business on the road this summer.
Third Culture Kids: The History and Future Approach in Research

Sarah Gonzales, Esther Tan, and Danau Tanu

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