After all the proposal submissions have been evaluated, you will receive a personal email informing you of the decision of the Program Committee in early November. If you have applied for a David C Pollock Scholarship you will have already received a response.

Sample Contract

If your proposal has been accepted you will be asked to complete an online contract within 7 days. If you do not accept your contract within 7 days your opportunity may be offered to another presenter.

Every session format has a slightly different contract. Below is the Concurrent Session contract, as a sample. You will be asked to complete it online and a copy will be emailed to you automatically for your records.

 1First name
 2Last name
 3Your email address
 4All presenters and co-presenters must accept their contract, by completing this form within 7 days of receipt. I accept/I don’t accept
 5All presenters and co-presenters must register for the conference by the Early Bird Deadline, January 10, 2020. There will be no extension to the Early Bird rate deadline. I accept/I don’t accept

I am a (choose one)
Concurrent Session Lead or Sole Presenter
Concurrent Session Co-Presenter

 7If you are presenting with a partner, please enter that person's name.
 8If you have not yet submitted your biography, please do so here. For publication on our website, conference app and promotional materials. 850 characters (approx 120 words) maximum.
 9All Concurrent Sessions will be approximately 60 minutes in length, including Q&A. Timing is strictly enforced. I accept/I don’t accept
 10If you are using a digital presentation (eg PowerPoint) you will need to bring your own laptop and connectors. They are not provided at the venue. I accept/I don’t accept
 11If you are using a digital presentation it must be saved as a PowerPoint file with size 16:9 slides and emailed to no later than February 17, 2020. We will use this copy as a backup for you and, after the conference, it will be uploaded to the Members Only section of our website as a pdf. I accept/I don’t accept
 12There are many ways to raise your personal or company profile at the conference. For details please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page.
 13If you have handout materials, we suggest presenters provide online links or pass round an email sign up list so you can email them after the conference. If you wish to bring paper handouts, note there are no onsite copy facilities. I accept/I don’t accept
 14I have permission to use and share all the content, images and data I am presenting. I accept/I don’t accept
 15Presenters need to be aware that the expat/global nomad life and TCK experience is characterized by seasons of loss and/or trauma. Presenters have a duty of care with respect to the participant experience. Content shared and learning exercises utilized need to be employed with care to ensure a positive and productive learning experience is achieved. Further information on this topic will be discussed in your pre conference online meeting with your Session Team Leader. I accept/I don’t accept
 16FIGT may take photos or make an audio/video recording of your session. FIGT may use these photos, audio/video recordings, pdf copies of your Powerpoint presentation, handouts and summaries on its website, for live streaming to its Facebook Page, at future events and in promotional materials. Out of respect for paying conference attendees, full filming and/or live streaming of presentations by anyone other than an authorized FIGT contractor is not permitted. I accept/I don’t accept
 17Please upload a headshot of yourself for use on our website and conference materials. The image should be at least 150 x 150 pixels or large enough that it displays clearly on your computer approx 2 inches x 2 inches (5 cm x 5 cm). Name the file with your last and first name.

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Register for the Conference

Register for the conference no later than the Early Bird Deadline, January 10, 2020. There will be no extension to the Early Bird rate deadline.

Book your flights and accommodation early. Details of special conference rates at hotels and local information will soon be available.

Connect with Fellow Presenters and Attendees

The conference is far more enjoyable when you feel connected and include so, once you have registered, join the FIGT2020 Facebook Group. There is a lively, engaged community who is excited to hear what you have to say, and it’s where people will be making dinner reservations, group meetup times and any other social arrangements. If you’re not local, it’s where to go to ask for local information and recommendations.

Start using the #FIGT2020 Twitter hashtag in your tweets - you’ll be astonished how many of the FIGT community ‘met’ on Twitter. Tagging @crossingculture on any relevant tweets makes it easy for our social media team to retweet.

The FIGT2020 Conference App will be released shortly before the Conference allowing you to connect with attendees and view the Conference Agenda. We are a “green” conference and do not provide a printed program.

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