Connect with Your Team Leader

All our Team Leaders are experienced FIGT presenters and will be happy to assist you with your questions. Here are their contact details:

To help you enjoy and make the most of your conference experience, several of our Team Leaders will host live calls so you can ask questions and meet other presenters. These calls are optional but highly recommended, particularly for those who have never presented at FIGT before. Presenters will be emailed full details.

Working with a Co-presenter

If you are working with a co-presenter, stay in touch regularly.

Best Practices

Be conscious of the various sectors (military, missions, foreign service, corporate, NGOs, education) in your audience. If your presentation is grounded in one particular sector (for example, involves a research study of adult missionary kids, or is a family support program in the military), make explicit links across sectors if you can; if you don’t know enough about the other sectors to do this, ask the audience to help.

Assume that your audience will consist of some combination of support providers (eg, HR managers, coaches, relocation company staff, family support officers) and people who have lived/are currently living the expatriate experience (and have come to the conference for personal reasons). Even if you have planned your presentation exclusively for one of these groups, be sure to ask at the beginning of your session who is in the audience, and be prepared to adapt your remarks accordingly.

Be sure to leave time for discussion and be sure to follow up on any promised resources.

End on time.

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Duty of Care

Presenters need to be aware that the expat/global nomad life and TCK experience is characterised by seasons of loss and/or trauma. Presenters have a duty of care with respect to the participant experience. Content shared and learning exercises utilized need to be employed with care to ensure a positive and productive learning experience is achieved. Further information on this topic will be discussed in your pre conference online meeting with your Session Team Leader.

Promoting Yourself/Your Business

FIGT presentations are not sales pitches, and they must be based on sharing personal stories, research, or findings from or about the FIGT community in some way. We understand that many entrepreneurs present their experience and share their expertise during presentations but it is not the same as selling a product - the focus is on networking and making personal connections.

By leading a session, presenters have the opportunity to tap into a highly connected consortium of globally minded, cross-sector colleagues. Session presenters will be included in the promotional materials for the conference. We ask that all conference attendees refrain from promoting their businesses, books, or courses in the bookstore and common areas unless they have entered into an official agreement with FIGT.

REQUIRED READING: Visit our Promoting Your Business page for more suggestions on how to raise your profile.

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Technical Requirements

  • If you are using a Powerpoint presentation, you must bring your own laptop (laptops will not be provided at the venue).
  • Please ensure you bring a suitable adaptor to connect to the projectors at the venue. More information coming soon.
  • A copy of your presentation or poster should be emailed to no later than February 17, 2020, so we can save it for you as a backup. We also recommend you bring a copy on a USB stick.
  • After the conference, your Powerpoint slides and Posters will be uploaded to the Members Only section of our website as a pdf.
  • If you would like to use any equipment (eg flipchart or audio speakers) please let your team leader know as soon as possible, so we can determine if it is available, or if you will have to bring your own.

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Session Logistics

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your presentation for smooth handover and testing of any AV equipment.
  • If you are presenting a Morning Forum, Keynote, Concurrent Session or Lightning Session, your session will be introduced by an FIGT board member, committee member or affiliate leader, who can assist with setup. They will remain in the room for your presentation and help you manage timing. You will be connected with this person shortly before the conference.
  • At the end of your session, please leave time for Q&A (questions and answers) and remind your attendees to review the session in the conference app.

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