Repeat Silver Sponsor: ACCESS

28 Jun 2018 3:18 AM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT is fortunate to have supportive sponsors. This is the second of a short series of articles highlighting those whose invaluable financial and professional support helps keep FIGT growing.

Recently Deborah Valentine, Executive Director of ACCESS - the dynamic volunteer, not-for-profit organization serving the needs of the international community in The Netherlands – was asked what ACCESS services she wanted the FIGT community to be most keenly aware of, she shared these insights.

“(We want people to know) that we offer, for expats/relocations to the Netherlands, the ‘go-to’ place for answers to the questions people have when relocating to the Netherlands, AND that we offer STARS – an acronym for Spouses Trailing and Relocating Successfully - a place to find community, grow and use their time productively as they search for a job, or figure out their next step.”

As for why ACCESS chose to sponsor the FIGT organization, Deborah drew parallels between the two.

“FIGT is built on and sustained by the same mission and principles of ACCESS – to contribute to successful transitions,” she said. “In our case, though, we are a local resource at a destination (i.e., The Netherlands), while FIGT is global.”

“Furthermore, as Director of a non-profit myself,” she continued, “I know and appreciate that support is needed to allow the organisation to thrive. So, when it (FIGT) was on our doorstep in The Netherlands, sponsoring it was a way of ‘putting my money where my mouth was.’

In terms of being a member and attending the annual FIGT conference, Deborah shared the value she gains.

“Despite no longer transitioning globally myself, I can be reminded of the challenges involved (long overcome personally), and learn about the ones which persist, or are new. It keeps me ‘fresh’ on the realities, and I learn something, every year. As a sponsor I was also able to invite others – all unfamiliar with FIGT – to the table, and share this great resource and experience with them. That too was very rewarding.”

Read more about our great sponsors from our 2018 Conference here: Worldwide SpeechExpat Journals, International Family Law Group.

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