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08 Aug 2018 10:34 AM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT is fortunate to have supportive sponsors. This is the fourth of a short series of articles highlighting those whose invaluable financial and professional support helps keep FIGT growing.

Another multi-year FIGT sponsor is Worldwide Speech, owned by Erin Long. Erin has lived as an expat for many years, and understands the unique lifestyle and choices expat families must make when choosing the best education options for their children. She and her team are familiar with the nature of a mobile, cross-cultural education requiring children to transition from one international school to the next. This is reflected in the wide variety of educational services they offer online, including speech and occupational therapy, reading and math intervention/tutoring, Individualized Education Program (IEP) equivalents, and teacher training for classroom modifications.

All of Worldwide Speech therapists and teachers are certified in their disciplines and specially trained to teach and provide therapy online. As Erin explains, “We can help a huge range of children. Our clients range from kids that need minor support at school to kids requiring various types of therapy and classroom modifications.”

Working with and supporting globally mobile families is the very reason Erin’s Worldwide Speech has been such a stalwart sponsor of FIGT. “We decided FIGT was the ideal organization to sponsor because our clients are children in constant transition. We understand their needs and the special challenges they may face with education in international school settings. Our goal is to reach out to families and let them know they can find help for their children.”

Attendance at the yearly FIGT conference is a natural result of sponsorship. “The value in attending the annual conference is two-fold,” Erin says. “We learn about the various challenges families are facing when looking at education options for their children. We see the various ways people approach and think about their children’s needs. The atmosphere at FIGT allows people to be honest and discuss their concerns in a group of like-minded people.”

Erin points out that she also personally gains invaluable information at the conference as she and her family live a life in transition as well. Through FIGT, she has learned about the effects constant moving has on children, and uses this knowledge to inform her decisions, both professionally, and with her own children.

Read more about our great sponsors from our 2018 Conference here: Expat Journals, Access, International Family Law Group.

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