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27 Jul 2018 8:44 AM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT is fortunate to have supportive sponsors. This is the third of a short series of articles highlighting those whose invaluable financial and professional support helps keep FIGT growing.

Expat Journals, guided journals to support the wellbeing, growth and development of successful transitions for expats on their global journeys, is the brainchild and joint venture of Trisha Carter − organizational psychologist, cultural intelligence expert, and international coach and trainer with expertise in cross-cultural adaptation – and Rachel Yates – web designer, writer, speaker and creator of online relocation resources for individuals and families. Recently the dynamic duo shared insights about their business, sponsorship of FIGT, and what they gain from attending the annual conferences.

“We want the FIGT audience to understand the critical role that journaling can have,” Rachel said. “In cross cultural growth, in the development of cultural intelligence, and in managing change on a personal, social and emotional level, journaling really is an amazing practice to build. Trisha has long been a leader in this field and is the true brains behind the Expat Journals process, and we want people to know and understand why Finding Home Abroad and the upcoming additions to the Expat Journals toolkit are such powerful, expert and culture-centric tools.”

“We sponsor FIGT for a number of reasons,” she continued, “including our own passion for the organization, our recognition that it is one of the foremost forums for research / expert-led discussion in the cross-cultural field, and our desire to share our work with people who can use it both personally and professionally.”

Sponsorship has also provided them both inspiration and ideas for product development.

“The conversations we have with people about how journaling has helped them and how our publications have supported that,” Trisha explained, “are really encouraging and keep us working on designing new versions.”

For Rachel, each year’s conference provides “networking opportunities, the ability to share the background development / underpinning theory, as well as proudly show people the practical product. It’s also an opportunity for Trisha and me to connect in person, and the ability to meet / reconnect with supporters of our personal and professional journey.”

“Don’t forget it was attending FIGT conferences where we met in real life!” added Trisha. “I met Rachel virtually on Twitter over the conference hashtag, and loved her writing and the look of her web designs. When I wanted to pull this project together, I knew her expat systems and processes would be exactly what the journals needed to add the detail side of the journals.”

Read more about our great sponsors from our 2018 Conference here: Worldwide SpeechAccess, International Family Law Group.

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