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Targeting specific audiences within the FIGT Community Early Bird Forums are a unique session type that encourages the building of professional networks. The longer 90-minute format allows for multiple presenters and plenty of discussion. Choose one from each group.

Saturday, April 27, 2019
Sunday, April 28, 2019


Early Bird Forums I
Saturday, April 27, 2019 | 08:15-09:45 

Counseling and Coaching

Emilie Frijs Due and Pascale Paradis

More information coming soon.


Tanya Crossman and Debbie Kramlich

More information coming soon.


Laura Sheehan and Jody Conibear Tangredi

More information coming soon.

Research Forum: FIGT Research Network Annual Meeting

Ann Baker Cottrell, FIGT Research co-chair

This Early Bird Research Forum is the FIGT Research Network Affiliate’s Annual Meeting and is open to anyone interested in research. Come to learn what the Research Network has been doing and contribute to plans for future Research Network activities. This is a chance to meet informally with those who are interested in research on globally mobile families as researchers or research consumers.       


Laura Anderson, Nicole Blyth, Amber Folkman and Sundae Schneider Bean

More information coming soon.


Lucy Keller and Sarah Whyte

More information coming soon.

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Early Bird Forums II
Sunday April 28, 2019 | 08:15-09:45

Body, Heart and Mind: Creating Wellness Habits in a Fast Spinning World

Jodi Harris and Cori Parks

In a hectic, spinning world where transition is the name of the game, maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health can feel fleeting. Yet, with a few accessible adjustments, finding the focus and inner surety you need to bring consistency to your overall wellness is completely within your grasp. In this session, Expat Health Coach Cori Parks and Expat Coach and Mindfulness Teacher Jodi Harris will offer a framework and tools for creating physical and mental health habits that can survive upheaval, transition and unpredictability. 

Counseling and Coaching

Daniela Tomer

Meeting of the FIGT Counseling and Coaching Affiliate. 

Current Research on Expat Adjustment Abroad and Repatriating (FIGT Research Network)

Anastasia Lijadi: Sustaining Quality of Life in Repatriation
Narratives from 62 self initiated expatriate families with children who repatriated after 10 or more years abroad provide insights into sustaining quality of life on return. Modalities for maintaining family equilibrium in the home country include open-mindedness, connectedness, sense of community and local language fluency.

Lauren Power: Expats from Low-Context Cultures in High-Context Cultures
Expat adjustment is greatly influenced by distance between host and home country cultures.   This research looks at the challenges facing expats from low context cultures (e.g. US, Europe) living in high context culture countries (e.g. Japan, Singapore).  Because adjustment is most difficult when cultural distance between home and host countries is greatest the need for integration support is heightened in these situations.

Neta Barel and Maya Peker: Israeli Trailing Spouses: Coping with Relocation Stress
Personal, familial and career challenges of Israeli women abroad are portrayed through Facebook blogs, workshops and subsequent interviews. The session presents unique additional challenges faced by Israeli trailing spouses, including maintenance of an Israeli tribe while away from the extended family, questions around joining the Israel Defense Forces, and the complexity of being a Jewish Israeli abroad. Reporting two ongoing researches, presenting concerns and discussing effective ways of coping.

David C Pollock Scholars

Florence Chabert D'Hieres, Matilda Criel-Ewoldt, Mishell Hernandez, Saeko Mizuta, Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz and Karen Tan

More information coming soon.


Darlene Fisher, Joy O'Neill and Sue Richards

More information coming soon.

Entrepreneur, Legal and Taxes

Lucy Greenwood

More information coming soon.

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