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Florence Chabert D’Hieres

Florence Chabert D’Hieres (FCH) is an Adult TCK raising three TCK in the Middle-East. Her very unique story leads her to become an intercultural trainer and coach.

Adopted from Sri-Lanka by a French/ Italian family when she was 3 weeks old, FCH experienced the pride and joy of growing up in a multicultural environment.

She also lived the reality of expatriations as a young adult in the USA, Switzerland, Australia, and then as ‘Chief Family Officer’ in Dubai, and KSA.

With her background and experience, she wanted children/parents to feel a sense of pride and cohesion in their multiple identities but also in succeeding their expat adventure. Thus, 10 years ago she created Coach4expat helping expats to adjust to their new life in a host country. In 2018, she wrote “I'm a citizen of the world” her first book for parents and children to guide them in achieving their journey. 

She graduated in Marketing Management from Pace University (New York) and hold a postgraduate qualification in Coaching (France). Fluent in French and English, besides speaking Spanish, German, Italian and having little Arabic notions.

Currently based in KSA, she is certified to deliver training on Middle Eastern business culture. She received the CARTUS Service Excellence Award in 2016 and 2017.

Matilda Criel-Ewoldt

Matilda Criel-Ewoldt is an adult TCK and is currently working toward her doctorate in clinical psychology. Her doctoral quantitative research focuses on ATCK's reactions to daily events. As a clinical psychology student, Matilda has been exposed to numerous types of psychological treatment settings and quickly noticed the lack of awareness around the global nomad lifestyle and its effects. Subsequently, Matilda has presented at universities in the Southern California area to attempt to create further understanding for the clinical implications of the ATCK/TCK population. Currently, Matilda is working as a clinician intern at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the biggest LGBT-specific treatment center in the world. Her goal is to empower ATCK/TCKs through better clinical psychological resources. Matilda hopes to create her own psychometric psychological assessments focused toward better understanding of the potential psychological ramifications that come from such a lifestyle. 

Mishell Hernandez

Mishell Hernandez is a writer and an advocate of mental health, wellbeing and interculturalism. She is a third culture kid representing Mexico, Mongolia, and the US, and she is currently working in intercultural management in Shanghai, China.

Saeko Mizuta

Saeko Mizuta is a Japanese entrepreneur in the education technology space (https://www.tckwshop.com/). While attending Harvard Business School as a Fulbright scholar, she founded TCK Workshop, an online education company that supports bilingual children to survive the social, cultural and academic challenges involved in international relocation. TCK is funded and incorporated in Japan and has rapidly grown to a
popular online tutoring solution for 500+ students in thirty cities and twenty countries around the world. Being a TCK who finds both Japan and the US a semi-home, she hopes to increase the number of children who see the benefits of their TCK experience, and foster their cultural awareness and the ability to lead in diversity. She has TEDxFulbright talk on this topic.

Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz

Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz is a PhD researcher at the University of Leeds (School of English). Her thesis focuses on the autobiographies of contemporary creative figures who were raised in multiple countries. Jessica’s aim is to expand TCK perspectives by demonstrating that it is not only elite groups of Western children that are pivotal to TCK processes. Accordingly, in her research, Jessica includes the texts of adult CCKs, such as the off-spring of non-Anglophone refugees. Jessica was raised in Liberia, Italy and the UK and holds three passports. During her Master studies, Jessica discovered both the TCK model and Antje Rauwerda’s literary classification Third Culture Literature. Fascinated by these discoveries, she has since then been striving to convey the significance of ‘moving childhoods’. Jessica’s daughter is a CCK too. Aged 14, Olivia masters three languages and has fully learnt to accept diversity. Together they enjoy baking and with the help of her daughter and husband, Jessica took part in a cook-off competition for international students. Not knowing which country to belong to, the family wisely opted for Italy and won an award. Jessica and her family currently reside in Münster, Germany.

Karen Tan

One of the hardest questions for Karen Tan—ever—is when others ask her: “where are you from?” Born in Vietnam but left at the age of one, Karen’s parents moved the family among a few Asian countries on average every four years. Eventually, the family moved to the US in her 20’s and became citizens.  Thinking this would be the final destination for the rest of her life, Karen was far from being right! Her nomadic genes brought her back to Asia again in 2007 as an intercultural trainer/coach for a non-profit. For eight years, she lived in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia. She trained Chinese cross-cultural workers in areas of cross-cultural leadership & communication, international team-building, and intercultural conflict management. Returning to the US in 2015 because of family needs, Karen is using this time to pursue a doctoral degree in member care, building clientele as leadership and intercultural coach in the US, and continues to support Chinese cross-cultural workers around the world. Her passion is to serve as a bridge to channel resources that are available to the international communities to the growing number of Chinese mobile families around the world. 

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